In our last published articles we wrote a lot about real estate marketing and different types of customer acquisition channels. Now we’ll dive into real estate ads to explain how you can use this strategy to get more clients and sales.

Before we start it is essential to go back to the articles “Where To Get the Best Real Estate Leads” and “The Complete Guide To Real Estate Marketing” If you didn’t read these fragments, do this before continuing.

Facebook Ads versus Google Ads

Just to make it clear, Facebook Ads are those that we see on Facebook and Instagram. These ads aren’t based on our searches directly, but they are based on our social media behavior. What we like, what we buy, read, connect and more than one hundred and fifty touchpoints from Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, Google Ads are based on our searches directly, based on what we are looking for. But that is not all… Furthermore, Google Ads uses our browser history and preferences as well to target better ads.

Being more specific, Facebook Ads are useful to top of funnel campaigns, that is, the target here is to create awareness, because your next client basically still doesn’t know you. Your goal in this kind of situation is to show him why he must trust in you to buy his next house. Don’t expect to find the right or the “perfect” client in the early days. Don’t expect anything “ready-to-go”, but think higher: Facebook Ads are perfectly usable to build relationships.

In the Google Ads case, it completely fits better to campaigns which the goal is to target the client at the exact moment of purchase. Here you will focus on people who are ready to buy if they find the right home. It sounds really good and now you are probably asking yourself “why do not focus just on Google Ads if it’s just that easy?” The big question here is the competition: On Google Ads most customers already have a broker that accompanies them. And do you know who they are? Precisely those who started a relationship with Facebook ads previously.

Real Estate Ads Guidelines

Both of them, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are great to Real Estate ads, each one in different moments. You can use Facebook Ads to target the top and middle of the funnel, for example. These types of campaigns whose goal is just reach and traffic are great and inexpensive to build a large audience that you can take advantage of at the bottom of the funnel… And with Google Ads tool you may try to reach people who know what they want. Search networks can target those people and Display can retargeting them.

With these questions in mind, test your best practices now:

  • Try at least one campaign for each type of ad on Facebook Ads: reach, engagement, carousel, video, etc;
  • Measure the results to understand what works best for you. The lead generation and click through rate (CTR) are de most important metrics to track;
  • Build weekly and monthly optimization routines to your campaigns;
  • Stop ads which are underperforming;
  • Test differents creatives – images, video and texts – to better CTR;
  • Research new keywords based on search terms from your business;
  • Start with ten dollars or less to test and understand;
  • Focus on building a relationship with your clients via social media, not just sell and matters of selling.

Real Estate ads can be tough if you never tried, but the platforms today give you all the help you’ll need to perform. At SIGNA Careers we help our agents to create and manage ads campaigns through Facebook and Google. Schedule a meeting with our commercial team right now to understand how it works. This will make a total difference in your work, take the first step!