Real Estate Jobs in Boston

If you are looking for real estate jobs in Boston, a superior option to the traditional brokerage model might be right for you. Whereas most modern real estate agents are stuck paying their brokerage as much as 80% of their commissions, SIGNA Careers is opting for something far fairer.

Seeing as the median price of a house in Boston in 2020 was around $779K and continually trending upward, there is progressively more and more money left on the table by those in typical real estate jobs. At SIGNA Careers, we believe that you are entitled to 100% of the commissions you earn, and our platform offers agents looking for greater independence—and pay—the opportunity to sign up on a subscription, per transaction, or customized basis.

The value that our organization provides comes in three parts: technology, support, and professional development.


From setting up IDX websites to offering access to our powerful lead generation tools and smart CRM, SIGNA Careers offers a greater degree of control over how you conduct business compared to less innovative real estate jobs. Whether you are looking to capture more leads, or better connect your clients to available properties, SIGNA Careers’ platform can help you do both.


With SIGNA Careers’ support services, you will have access to professional guidance from an experienced support team that can offer you nuanced industry advice. What’s more, the support we offer is as wide as it is deep, so whether you need a few new advertising techniques or someone to review your business plan, we can do all that and more.

Professional Development

Real estate jobs in Boston seldom offer the opportunity for further education that could greatly benefit your day-to-day business. When you subscribe to our platform, you will have access to our training academy powered by Ninja Selling. This is beneficial not only to new real estate agents looking to perform at the top level, but also experienced ones looking for information related to topics like digital marketing, branding, and online promotion.