There are so many benefits you stand to gain when you use our reliable digital platform. It is rich in content and easy to operate. We’ve made it so easy that even an inexperienced computer user can operate our system with relative ease.

Is there a monthly?

Absolutely not. Unless you choose our monthly plan.

Is there a transaction fee?

Since we have multiple plans to choose from, only one of the plans will have a transaction fee of $599. If you choose the annual plan or the monthly one there are no transaction fees.

Will I have broker support?

Absolutely. You will have full access to your broker. We encourage our agents to contact us with questions. We also have agent services support in place to guarantee we always have someone to answer your questions.

Do you offer training?

We sure do. We offer online real estate training videos for new and experienced agents. We also offer one-on-one coaching and mentorship programs.

May I negotiate my commission with my client?

You certainly may. It is totally up to you. We encourage our agents to set their own commission rates with their clients. Today’s real estate environment can be very competitive and our agents need the ability to be flexible.

Can I set up a team under me with commission splits?

Absolutely. We offer the flexibility to set up your own team. You may establish your own commission splits with your team members.

Do you offer a mentorship program for new agents?

Yes! We highly recommend new agents to participate in one of our team's structures for a specialized mentorship program for new agents where we teach you the way to succeed in the real estate industry.

How am I paid for commissions earned?

After closing a sale - Will do our best for agents to receive the check at the closing. A commission disbursement authorization form will be sent to the title company or closing attorney detailing how commissions are to be disbursed. In attorney states, the full commission check will be sent to the broker and your check will be cut to you from the broker. There are some closing attorneys who will allow table funding and pay our agents at closing but those are on a case by case basis.

Are there any extra fees like E&O or franchise fees?

There are no hidden or franchise fees. Importantly, our agents are responsible for paying the E&O of $177 per closed transaction.

How much money will I save by working with Signa Careers?

It all depends, because so many brokerages offer different splits. Therefore we recommend you use our commission calculator or contact one of our representatives. You’ll be amazed!

Do you provide leads? Is there a company split on leads?

We provide a lead program for select agents under a team structure.

Are my leads protected if I enter them into Signa’s lead system?

Yes. Any client you enter into the lead system belongs to you and that information will never be shared with any other agent. Even if you choose to leave Signa, you will be able to take your database with you.

What kind of marketing material do you provide?

You can find business cards, postcards, flyers, listing and buyer presentations, folders and more in our online Agent Resource Center. We are looking forward to your suggestions on any kind of marketing material that you would like to see.

Where do I get yard signs with Signa’s logo?

You can download our sign templates from our online platform to provide to any sign company of your choice. There are also multiple sign companies who keep our sign designs on file.

Do you have physical locations?

Yes, we do. In some states yes we maintain offices in markets that require a location. This is how we keep our costs low and provide our 100% commission plan. Therefore you can either work remotely or/and use any of our offices as little or as often as you wish.

Where do I meet my clients?

It’s nice to be able to meet clients near their area of search. Many of our agents meet their clients at a local coffee shop (e.g., Starbucks). If a professional office is needed, you are welcome to use any of our workplaces. And also, almost all title companies and mortgage companies will let you use a spare office or conference room to meet your client.

Can I work part time?

It is up to you. We do not have sales quotas outside of our agents closing a minimum of 1 transaction per year to remain a member.

How soon can I start working with Signa after I sign up?

It regularly takes two business days for everything to be submitted and get you onboard with Signa.

How do I move my license over to Signa?

Please contact us and we will guide you through all the process and will also provide you with the necessary paperwork.

Is Signa a Real Estate Brokerage?

Yes, Signa is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage created for real estate professionals to assist any type of real estate transaction.

Do I really earn 100% commission?

Absolutely! All of our agents earn 100% of the commission regardless of the size of the deal or type of transaction.

Do I have to pay to transfer my license?

Yes, if applicable. Each State has their own transfer fees.

If I have a license, what is the total cost to join Signa?

If you already have a license, You will pay the costs to transfer your license.

What type of real estate can I do with Signa?

The choice is up to you. That includes residential or commercial, sales or leasing.

What is the cost of the pre-licensing course?

The cost is determined by our partner and subject to change.

How long does it take to become a Signa agent?

Once your application is complete and your W-9 and Independent Contract Agreement are submitted, the process can take about 24 hours to complete.

If I prepay my subscription and decide to disassociate, am I eligible for a refund?

Pre-payments are not eligible for refund.

Can I get a refund if I terminate my relationship with Signa before my next payment due date?

Monthly or annual subscription fees are never refundable nor are they prorated for any period of time an agent is not associated with the firm.

If I want to hold my license in more than one state, do I have to pay another registration fee?

No, in this case, you are not required to pay multiple registration fees.

Can I cancel my Signa subscription?

Yes, agents can disassociate at any time and without prior notice.

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