A masterpiece real estate website is the main tool that every agent must have. In our days, we can guarantee that a great website is more important than yard signs, business cards and other marketing strategies from older times.

But building a real estate website can be a hard task if you are not familiar with recent technology. In this article we want to point you to the most important features that an ideal real estate website should have.

What are the main features of a great real estate website?

When a new client visits your website coming from an ad campaign, a referral link or other sources the first look matters a lot. Recent research from visitors behavior claims that you can lose their attention in the first three seconds. In seven seconds the visitor already decided, unconsciously, if you’re trustworthy.

With that in mind, the main feature of a great real estate website is to be easy to use. Forget the dozens of pop-ups and banners claiming attention and focus on one thing: help your visitors find what they are looking for. If they are looking for a house, a condo, land or anything else, they need to find where to get this information. You can do this by showing at the homepage a list of properties with a lot of filters to help your visitors find what they need.

Keep that in mind: help your visitors find what they need. After a close look at a property they will need to contact you. How can they do that? Your phone number must be visible at all times! Do you have a contact form? If they need additional information about you, is there  a link for that at your main menu? Ask yourself those questions keeping in mind the visitor journey, step by step, and this will help you find problems and solutions for your website.

For a non-tech agent, how to start?

Sometimes this process is not easy because you’re not tech savvy just yet. So, what to do? You can’t not have a website. Not today. Not with all the new sources like Facebook, Instagram and instant messengers. If this is your case, you need a partner who will provide you with support and a great website with all the tools you need to get more sales. You don’t need to do everything alone. Focus on what you do best and leave the tech solutions with the specialists.

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