How to get the best online real estate leads

Leads are potential customers and business opportunities that have provided their contacts in exchange for an offer. Having a huge list of leads is a good sign, for sure. However, this list needs to be made of sales-qualified contacts for you to get your desired commission. In a nutshell, the best real estate leads are those who become your customers. 

When it comes to having a high conversion rate, the secret lies in utilizing multiple strategies and being consistent.  For a long time, leads were attracted exclusively through traditional methods, such as printed materials, cold calls, and door knocking. The traditional approach still has its place and, therefore, should not be ruled out. However, the process of generating leads has become much more digital in the world we live in today.  So how about getting to know 3 modern strategies to get high-quality real estate leads? 

Your Website 

Let’s start talking about the top of your marketing tunnel: your website. Having a mobile and user friendly website is crucial for those who want to generate leads. According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of all buyers search online for property listings as the first stage of their home buying process. For this reason, you should optimize your website for lead generation. Here are a few ideas:

  • Be sure you have an easy-to-navigate website in which visitors have access to informative blog posts about your business, your testimonials,  a high-quality photo of you, your contact information,  the zip code where you provide your services and your listings. 
  •  Offer your visitors a free e-book or another material of interest on the homepage. In order to download it, they have to leave their contact information. 
  • In case you have an IDX website, have visitors fill out a contact us information form after checking two or three listings from your page. A little pop-up box will come up asking them to insert their email address and phone number to continue looking at properties. 
  • Make yourself available to answer any questions your prospects may have through a live chat. The sooner you reach out, the better are your chances of becoming their agent.

Landing Pages 

Landing Pages have a single purpose: the conversion of visitors into leads.  Disconnected from the main navigation, they are pages with a CTA (call to action) made to capture the user’s contact information. They can be used beyond your webpage when your intention is to run a campaign that is focused on one action. When you have multiple landing pages, you are more likely to get leads. Research from the HubSpot  has pointed out that companies using 40 or more post-click landing pages generate 120% more leads than those using less than 5. With higher conversion rates, landing pages can be promoted via email campaigns, your blog, and social media platforms. These are the most common types of landing pages:

  • Home valuation – visitors can look up the value of their home.
  • Home search – visitors can search for new homes in their area.
  • Free content –  used to provide visitors with an eBook, a PDF or any other free content. 

When creating a landing page, make sure you write a persuasive headline, a clear call to action, and limit the number of images, videos and links in order to direct the visitor to what is really important: the action of submitting their information in exchange for valuable content. 


Social Media  

With over 53% of the world’s population on at least one social media platform, making use of social media increases your chance to get seen by potential customers. Some of the options are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. More than a way of promoting yourself as an agent, those platforms can help you create and nurture customer relationships. This strategy is about getting to know your persona very well and creating valuable content with a focus on attracting and strengthening your relationship.

By putting your content in front of people on a daily or weekly basis, you are strengthening your brand. If you develop a plan, social media can be a highly relevant way to get leads. The first step is to concentrate on one social media and start testing with low budgets. Think of your target audience and the goals you want to focus on. If after some time you notice the return did not meet your expectations, change to another platform or review your plan. Some suggestions:

  • create a weekly series, such as the listing of the week, and share it on your social media explaining why it is the chosen listing for that week. Your audience is going to perceive you as a very active agent. 
  • create polls and quizzes to interact with your followers;
  • run contests in which people have to follow you or sign up to your page. The winner gets a home evaluation for free or a gift;
  • post testimonials of families who found their dream home with your help;
  • share videos of you in open houses;
  • share tips for first-time buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Leads Overview

The idea behind the aforementioned suggestions is that they do not replace older methods, but they add to them. An optimized website, landing pages and the use of social media certainly will make for a great starting point when it comes to improving your lead conversion rate. Some platforms, such as kvCORE, provide an IDX website and have tools that enable the creation of landing pages and social media posts.  

No matter what lead source you choose, always test different strategies, as it’s the only way to determine whether or not your efforts are paying off. Good luck with getting leads!