Real estate is not just about houses, listings and sales. It is far more complicated than that. In the beginning you could trust just on your sales capabilities and wish to increase your income. Now, with all the digital marketing tools and the internet, it is much harder to perform in the real estate market without knowing the best practices.

The real estate agent that understands the marketing early on can be two or three steps ahead of an agent that is waiting for the clients to come to them. For those who want to be ahead, we wrote this guide:

What is Real Estate marketing

Real estate marketing can be described as a collection of tools and practices that guide an agent to get more listings and clients. It is nothing miraculous or “out of the box”,  but the basics done right.

Knowing the basics and using this to sell your skills to new clients is the key secret to success. Many agents are seeking magic formulas and gurus who will tell them how to sell a house, but these agents forget the importance of the basics. So, a good real estate marketer should remember this: stay focused on the basics and reach for the best.

A great website

Everything starts with a great website. Not a good one. But a great one. Today the internet is a place where anyone can build a website without technical knowledge. But this does not mean your new website will be a conversion champion without some good practices.

Here we wrote a full article about how to build a great website. There are some things you must have: an integration with IDX database to easily display your own listings and of other agents to help your clients find new homes; tools to facilitate conversion, where a new client can schedule a call with you or go to a new open house; and last but not least, a place where you tell your history. Social proof is essential these days, and you should tell your clients why choosing you is the best option.

Social media and quality content

The social media networks are a great place to start your real estate business today. Basically, both buyers and sellers are there, and you can target your strategy creating and posting content to impact these leads.

The quality of your content is as important as your frequency of posting and your reach. The quality can be solved using tools like You don’t need design skills to build a great Instagram post, just come up with an idea and let Canva help you. Unlike what you are thinking, you don’t need to post every day. Focus on quality content and post three times per week. At the beginning, your reach will be small. Maybe just your family and friends. Solve this by following your future clients. Write on a paper who is your perfect lead (persona) and try to list five or ten Instagram accounts your lead is following right now. Go there and start to follow them. Many of them will follow you back and your reach will be increased.

Messaging your clients

Now you have a great website and a social media strategy. Your first clients are visiting your website. You got some contacts, names, phone numbers and email addresses. What to do now?

Most of your leads aren’t ready to buy a house right now. The huge number of “not interested” you’ll get can be frustrating. People who are just browsing. Maybe looking to buy in one month. Or one year. For those leads you need to create a nurture process. From time to time, you will send an SMS or email with fresh content about the town they are looking for, for example. Or about a new restaurant, a new school. Avoid sending promotional messages. One or two listing per month should be enough. The other communications should focus on relevant content.

Power of compounding

An exponential growth is the sweet dream of every agent. But the way to the top is long and takes patience and time. You must trust in the power of compounding to successes. When you start to post good content, engage with your leads and leave a good impression, the results will come. What you must avoid is giving up when you are too close to success.

With time, the social media network algorithms reward patience and good content. Until there you should put your effort into creating the best lead process, strengthen your sales skills and try different acquisition channels.

To help you with the real estate marketing journey our platform automates many processes for you, like email and SMS messages. Our SmartCRM is capable of helping you identify opportunities and save time before contacting a new lead. We also provide a complete website with a complete IDX integration. Click here and schedule a demo with our team.