Finding a real estate commission model that fits your needs can be a challenge for beginners real estate agents. Unlike the common sense, sometimes the best real estate commission model is not the model which pays the highest commission. Sometimes, the agent needs to be conducted by an experienced real estate broker thus helping the agent get more leads which become sales.

The best real estate commission for you

The first thing you need to account for when choosing the best real estate commission model for you is that the money isn’t the most important thing. When you focus on the money, you miss other important features, such as great broker support, technology and training.

A lot of companies can offer you a commission model where they will provide a website to capture leads, an experienced broker to help you with your questions and online training. The price for all these features can be high, like 30 or 40% of your commission. But, if you do your research right at the beginning you can get all these features and not pay any commission to the brokerage, while also getting the best deal on the market.

If you are an experienced agent, 20% to 50% commission is a high price to pay. You already know how the business works and you just need the broker license, a great website and sometimes you will need help from a broker. So, in this case, you should try a 100% commission model. Click here to calculate how much money you lost last year with your current brokerage.

The 100% commission model

The 100% commission model can be the perfect model for agents who already know the works. These kinds of agents want more money to spend on marketing strategies, training and development skills which will help to get more sales.

Following this model, there is a company who provides the agent with the best tools to make their sales and deal with all the documents using a web platform. SIGNA Careers offers a personalized website, CRM, broker support and training for our agents together with a 100% commission. In return, the agent pays a yearly, monthly or per transaction flat rate. Click here and schedule a call with our team to know more about SIGNA Careers.